Obsession: Gold Antique Date Rings, PartII

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Last November I professed my love and obsession for antique date rings. These rings are typically class rings and represent the year in which graduation was completed.  Some are from world’s fairs from a particular year or were made to celebrate a milestone.  Others were sort of a souvenir for the New Year. Ever since, I’ve been hunting down year by year, checking them off my list.  These old things are tough to come by! Most have been melted down by younger generations who inherit them, thinking that these years are not significant in their life, so why bother keeping them?!

Most people in the industry know of my obsession and have been so helpful–pointing sellers who have any in my direction or even giving up ones within their very own personal collection.  Yes, you heard that right–Larry of Platt Boutique Jewelry has had a 1921 date ring in his personal collection for awhile.  It is a particularly special date ring–the year represents the Year of the Monkey, the Chinese New Year equivelant.  It features the year on the front, along with a cheeky monkey on the left side and vines wrapping around the entire shank, leading back to the date. It was such an incredible gesture of kindness on Larry’s part and speaks to his character.  There’s the type of man that will give you the shirt off their back, and then there’s the kind that will give you the ring out of their own collection!  That’s saying something!!

The other various date rings have been recently added to my collection since my last post and wanted to include them in an updated blog post.  All of these were purchased, believe it or not, from the same dealer at the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show!  Talk about hitting the jackpot in Vegas!  I’m still continuing my hunt for more, so if you have any, please feel free to reach out and show me what you’ve got!  You can email [email protected]

1898, from Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show

1899, from Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show

1900, from Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show

1908, from Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show

1909, from Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show

1910, from Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show

1911, from Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show

1915, from Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show

1921, from Platt Boutique Jewelry


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