Examining Diamonds And Assessing Service At B2C Jewels

B2CJewels.com offers customers a 30-day money back guarantee for pieces you have not worn. In case you get the finger size wrong, ring resizing is done at no extra cost within 60 days of purchase. All of their products also come with a twelve-month warranty that covers normal wear and tear.

Most online customers would probably want to know if they are able to contact the company should any problems or questions arise. You would be glad to know that B2CJewels provides a phone, email contact as well as live chat support. This is where they have done things right.

Understandably, customers buying diamonds online may not be comfortable in paying for a big ticket item without viewing it. Upon request, they do try to source for more details and information if you require them.

The reason behind the lack of photographs or videos on their website is due to their online inventory and business model of working with global suppliers. That is to say, most diamonds that they list are owned by someone else and are held in vaults.

Only when a purchase is made and payment is confirmed will a diamond be shipped from a global location to B2CJewels’s New York office for a final inspection. As a result, it is sometimes not possible for them to get hold of a properly taken photograph due to logistic reasons.

Going The Extra Mile to Obtain Information For Customers

30 days money back guarantee for diamond purchases

There’s No Risk On You

Based on my personal experience with B2CJewels, the support staff had gone beyond the mile to do this for me and I am nothing short of being impressed with their service.

Note: Although pictures of what you want to buy may not reveal everything about the diamond, photographs or videos can reveal details in clarity which can give you an idea of what you can expect to receive. Magnified photographs can also give you an overall look and feel of the diamond especially if you are buying a fancy cut.

The truth is, in order to guarantee a purchase of a beautiful fancy cut diamond, you need additional information such as ASET or Idealscope images and videography. Such data will help you make an analysis of the stone’s optical performance and offer you more information than a grading report would.

In my case, these were not available to me because the supplier didn’t have access to the necessary equipment for capturing these images. By relying and banking on my experience with examining diamonds thus far, I knew I was sitting on a heart shaped diamond with great potential. Since I had no other choice, I had to request B2CJewels to contact their supplier for a review of my shortlisted diamond.

Buying Without Scope Images is Not Meant for the Inexperienced

Under this scenario, you would have to trust the supplier’s review of their inventory to be objective. Of course, it would be in your favor to explicitly mention that the diamond will be sent back if it doesn’t meet expectations. Most vendors don’t want this to happen because it would incur restocking fees on their part.

With no other available options for a well-cut diamond within my budget anywhere else, I took a calculated risk (no physical means of examining the diamond) and jumped the gun. Like I mentioned earlier, this stone was heavily researched before I laid my money down and I personally have a good eye for detecting well cut diamonds.

Admittedly, there was still some risks involved since I’m buying blind. The fallback I had was the money back guarantee since I could always return the purchase if it didn’t turn out well. Fortunately, it was the right call and the engagement ring turned out really good. If you are interested to see videos I made on the ring, click here.

For people who are risk-adverse and want to see exactly what you get online, check out James Allen instead. They feature HD videos for you to view and interact with diamonds upclose.

Free Shipping With Purchases From B2CJewels.com

If you reside in the US, you get free shipping on all purchases. With a small upgrade, you can get faster shipping with UPS if you need your ring on an urgent basis. For international orders, the package would usually need about 7-10 days depending on which part of the world you are residing in.

contents of the diamond ring purchase from b2cjewels.com

Here’s my package when it arrived in Singapore…

Continuing to the next page, find out what our final verdict on B2CJewels.com is. For people who intend to shop at B2C Jewels, we have specially arranged for a coupon code you can use to enjoy discounts off your purchase.