The engagement rings in the new bridal collection from Mappin & Webb are named after classic English roses

New for autumn and part of the brand’s relaunch, Mappin & Webb has released a signature collection of diamond engagement rings. Featuring 17 enchanting designs, each ring is named after an English rose, bringing together two classic symbols of love: diamonds and blooms. 

With its 200-year history, Brand Director Elizabeth Galton plundered Mappin & Webb’s historic archives and found plenty of material from which to draw inspiration. The Amelia, the Alba, the Cecilia – each of the rings embodies a different style, from the classic to the more creative settings.

The Alba has been designed in a halo style and features two circles of brilliant-cut diamonds surrounding a central solitaire diamond. The romantic silhouette of halo-style rings has proved extremely popular in recent years, and it reappears in other Mappin & Webb designs: the Cecilia, which has a large diamond encircled by a ring of smaller diamonds, and the Amelia, which shows off one oval diamond, framed by a lavish diamond halo.

For those with a preference for something more classic, the collection also features a variety of solitaire rings, from the Belvedere to the Hermione. The Ena Harkness, named after the crimson rose popularised in the 1950s, has a magnificent 2.01ct round brilliant diamond set into Mappin & Webb’s signature platinum mount, with the initials ‘MW’ forming the shape of the shank. The solitaire in all three is available in a variety of carats and cuts.

Then there are rings that are infused with vintage charm, including art deco styles that are perhaps the prettiest of them all. The Eglantine, a charming and delicate yet very hardy rose, showcases a trio of cushion-cut solitare diamonds, while the Isobel’s deco-style setting is given a feminine spin, the twisting lines of brilliant-cut diamonds winding around a single brilliant solitaire. 

  • MWEngagementRing2

    Mappin & Webb’s “Amelia” engagement ring, with a central oval delicately surrounded by a circle of brilliant-cut diamonds. (£5,250).

  • MWEngagementRing3

    Mappin & Webb’s “Belvedere” solitaire diamond ring in platinum (£8,950).

  • MWEngagementRing4

    Mappin & Webb’s “Cecelia” engagement ring is a show-stopper, designed in a classic halo style (£6,150).

  • MWEngagementRing5

    Mappin & Webb “Eglantine” engagement ring, with a trio of diamonds each encircled by a sparkling diamond halo (£8,950).

  • MWEngagementRing6

    The initials ‘MW’ subtly form the shape of the shank in Mappin & Webb “Ena Harkness” engagement ring (£32,250).

  • MWEngagementRing7

    Mappin & Webb’s “Hermione” solitaire engagement ring is set in platinum (£22,250).

  • MWEngagementRing8

    Mappin & Webb’s intricate “Isobel” engagement ring (£10,150).

  • MWEngagementRing1

    Mappin & Webb’s “Alba” diamond engagement ring, with two rings of round brilliant-cut diamonds surrounding a sparkling solitaire diamond (£5,950).