Enchanted Diamonds Review

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enchanteddiamonds review nyc

Review Updated on 6th Oct 2016

Enchanted Diamonds is a relatively new company founded in 2012 by 2 friends, Joshua Niamehr and Jonathan Las. Their vision for the company is to change the way diamond engagement rings are traditionally bought online and to make the buying experience as simple as possible.

With a physical showroom based in New York City, Enchanted Diamonds combines the ease of online shopping and the ability for customers to preview diamonds in person at an offline location.

In this review of Enchanted Diamonds, we are going to take an indepth look into their services and products. Hopefully, the findings here will steer you towards better decisions when shopping for a diamond engagement ring.

An Overview of Features Found At EnchantedDiamonds.com

In terms of diamond inventory, EnchantedDiamonds.com offers a sizable selection of loose diamonds with images/videos. Now, if you had been reading Beyond4Cs.com, you will know that magnified images/videos are extremely important features to have when shopping for a diamond online.

Remember, the first rule of buying a diamond online is NEVER BUY BLIND if you want to avoid the pitfalls that many other consumers fall into. That’s why I never recommend shopping at retailers where they expect you to make a selection based on a grading report alone.

Availability of Cut Data Like ASET And Idealscope Images

Besides magnified videos/images, Enchanted Diamonds also provides tangible cut data like ASET/Idealscope images for many of their listing. You can see an example of such a listing below…

toggling various views and data

You can toggle between the various views using the thumbnails found in the listings.

For round diamond listings that are marked with a blue colored “Sarine” label, you can get access to Sarine light reports which offers cut connoisseurs an additional level of data to analyze potential purchases.

sarine light videos of round diamond

View various videos of the diamond under different lighting environments.

Note: You can request a Sarine Light evaluation to be performed on round diamond listings because Enchanted Diamonds has the equipment setup at their office.

Ability to Preview Your Diamond In Person at New York City

One unique feature that sets EnchantedDiamonds.com apart from other online vendors is the ability for customers to preview diamonds at their showroom without any obligations. All diamonds that are are marked with the “Showroom” label can be previewed at their New York office with no charge.

Here’s a direct URL link you can use for your convenience: NYC Showroom

If you live near the area and would like to see your diamonds in person, all you need to do is to contact them to book a consultation in advance or schedule a viewing via their web application (seen below).

schedule a viewing in jewelry store diamond

Do note that you typically need to book an appointment at least 7 days in advance as they have a pretty busy schedule.

Custom Made Settings With No Design Charges

customized yellow gold semi mount

Currently, EnchantedDiamonds.com only offers a collection of 45 different ring designs (mainly the classic, elegant and timeless styles). Frankly speaking, there isn’t a lot of choices and you may find yourself being limited by the designs available.

However, Enchanted Diamonds does make up for this by offering a customization service where they will work with you to design the dream ring of your choosing. Unlike customization work that other vendors offer, there’s no additional design fees involved.

More importantly, they are willing to offer computer renderings of their designs and work with you to ensure the finished product exceeds your expectations.

Inventory of Warm Colored Diamonds

Most vendors only carry stock for diamonds within the colorless (D-F) and near colorless (G-J) ranges. However, if you prefer warm colored diamonds with faint tints, locating such a diamond may not be a straightforward task!

That said, Enchanted Diamonds is one of the rare vendors that actually offer diamonds in the faint to light color ranges (K-Z). To illustrate what I mean, here are 2 examples of a light yellow diamond (GIA W-X) and a well-cut M colored round brilliant diamond.

What Are The Areas I Find Lacking?

Enchanted Diamond’s business model revolves around an “agent model” which cuts out the middleman. In order to keep costs low and pass the savings onto the customers, they do not hold a physical inventory of diamonds.

To build up their inventory listings, they partner with many different suppliers to offer a wide range of loose diamonds. Since EnchantedDiamonds.com don’t own the diamonds themselves, they rely mainly on their suppliers to provide details like magnified images and videos.

One small aspect I didn’t like about EnchantedDiamonds.com was the lack of consistency in which some diamond listings were presented. From different lighting conditions, different angles in which photographs are captured, lack diamond details to even wrong images being displayed, it can sometimes be a little messy.

array of diamond details with no consistency

The lack of quality control in their listings can make stone selection a little challenging.

Additional Details May Not Be Available For Every Listing

When I personally tested them out, I made a number of random requests on diamonds that only had magnified images on their listing pages. I tried to ask for videos/ASETs/Idealscope images to be captured. As it turns out, Enchanted Diamonds couldn’t get hold of these data for some of these diamonds (because their supplier did not have the proper equipment).

In my opinion, it’s a huge bummer and a waste of time to search for potentially purchase-worthy stones only to realize later that ASET/Idealscope images aren’t available for them.

no images or additional data

So, if you are shopping at Enchanted Diamonds, you may want to check out listings that indicate the presence of ASET/Idealscope images first. To save yourself time and frustration, I recommend that you avoid diamonds without any image/video listings (circled in red).

What About Their Warranties, Sales, Trade Ups, Return Policies?

Enchanted Diamonds offer a generous 30 day money back guarantee for all purchased products except for custom made jewelry pieces (exchangeable) and wholesale diamonds (final sale). Personally, I like their kind gesture on providing complimentary return shipping in the event you change your mind about a purchase.

You would also be pleased to know that Enchanted Diamonds offers a lifetime warranty on purchases. This means that you can get your jewelry serviced (repair, cleaning, resizing) for free. Compared to other online vendors like BlueNile, Enchanted Diamonds goes one step further for their customers.

In terms of trade up policies, you can upgrade your diamond anytime as long as your new purchase is at least 2 times the original amount. i.e. if your old diamond purchase costs $5,000, your new diamond must cost at least $10,000 and be in its original condition.

Diamond Pricing Comparisons Against Other Online Vendors

When it comes to buying diamonds, the most common questions I get from readers usually relate to pricing and the maximum value they can get for their budget. So, how does Enchanted Diamonds measure up against their online competitors in terms of pricing?

James Allen vs. Enchanted Diamonds

In the first comparison, I’ve found the same exact 1.07 carat GIA cushion cut diamond being listed at both vendors. Note: This is an apple to apple comparison where both listings indicate the same diamond with the same GIA grading report number.

jamesallen 1 carat cushion cut diamond

enchanted diamonds gia excellent 1 carat cushion cut

As you can see from the screenshots above, the diamond is listed on EnchantedDiamonds.com for $4,330 via electronic bank transfer. That’s about $260 cheaper (approximately 5% less) than the listing of $4,590 at James Allen. While the absolute differences aren’t earth-shattering, it doesn’t hurt to save some money which you can use towards other purchases.

Blue Nile vs. Enchanted Diamonds

Blue Nile is the world’s largest online diamond vendor and happens to be one of the worst places to shop for engagement rings and diamonds. In this round up, I selected a 1.45 carat round brilliant cut that’s listed on BlueNile.com and managed to find the same exact stone at EnchantedDiamonds.com.

bluenile 1.5 carat round brilliant cut

g color vs1 actual diamond photo and details

Again, you can see that Enchanted Diamonds is listing the same exact diamond for $619 less. Also, I want to draw your attention to Blue Nile’s listing which only shows a generic “sample photo”. In contrast, Enchanted Diamonds offers more details about the diamond by providing you with data like magnified photographs.

Brilliant Earth vs. Enchanted Diamonds

In the 3rd comparison against Brilliant Earth, we take a look at how an example to show you vastly different prices even though both companies are selling the same product.

Brilliant Earth is a company that markets itself heavily as a “green” and “eco-orientated” business. Interestingly, the same products they are selling can be found at other online sites too.

brilliant earth very good heart diamond

currently viewing actual photo heart shaped diamond 1 carat

What I want to highlight here is the significantly higher product pricing Brilliant Earth charges you for being a “green” brand.  The fact is, the diamond sells for a whooping $5,430 at Brilliant Earth. In stark contrast, Enchanted Diamonds lists it for only $4,080. If you do the math, you get a massive difference of $1,350 even though you are paying for the SAME diamond!

Like Blue Nile, BrilliantEarth.com expects you to make a purchase based on a grading report and they DO NOT provide any additional information in their listings. In this scenario, you can obviously see who offers the better deal and if you are an educated shopper, you shouldn’t even think about buying diamonds blindly from vendors.

EnchantedDiamonds.com Offers The Best Value In Terms of Pricing

In general, I find EnchantedDiamonds.com to be extremely competitive with their diamond pricing. On their website, Enchanted Diamonds also has a price match policy which helps ensure customers get the best prices possible.

Unlike other jewelry companies who claim to offer you the lowest prices, most of them don’t practice what they preach. In this aspect, Enchanted Diamonds is different. Based on the checks I made, their price points were really lower and I’m quite convinced they offer the best prices in both the online and offline world.


Final Sale Diamonds – Deal Or No Deal?

EnchantedDiamonds.com offers a category of diamonds that are labeled as “Final Sale”. You can access them accessed in the search feature by turning on the option to “include wholesale (Final Sale) diamonds”.

Do note that these diamonds cannot be returned once they are purchased and I generally don’t recommend buying these diamonds unless you know exactly what you are doing. That said, there are some stunning and gorgeous stones offering incredible values to be found if you dig hard enough.

Conclusion Of Our Enchanted Diamonds Review

good thumbs upWhile there are some current aspects of their website which aren’t perfect, Enchanted Diamonds is continuously making efforts to improve to their product offerings and website features.

Overall, I find Enchanted Diamonds to be a good vendor with superb customer service that’s orientated to help consumers find what they want. They are a company I would recommend because of their excellent business policies and competitive pricing.

If you need help with buying a diamond or simply want a second opinion about a shortlisted diamond, feel free to get in touch with me via email directly.