Diamonds On Web Review

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diamonds on web review

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Diamonds On Web is arguably one of the oldest online diamond stores that had been around in business. Starting out as diamond wholesalers, the advent of the Internet allowed the company to extend its operations into a retail e-commerce business where they sell jewelry to individual buyers.

This wholesale turned retail business model enables Diamonds On Web to offer more competitive prices than its competitors.

The company launched its online outlet in 2000 but they had been selling diamonds for more than ten years prior to venturing online. Where DiamondsOnWeb may lack the intuition and savvyness of online selling, they make up with vast amounts of experience in the industry which gives them the ability to compete in this tough market.

Product Range Offered to Consumers

Like the name suggests, deals in diamond jewelry but they do sell diamond pieces embellished with other gemstones. The main products include:

Loose Diamonds

Diamonds on Web boasts that their collection of loose diamonds as one of the finest you will find. They claim that all their loose pieces are sourced from the best producers and certified by the most recognized gemological labs like the GIA and EGL. Really? Wow! They are indeed the “finest”. I am saying this loudly with sarcasm. Here’s the statement made by

statement made about egl vs gia

This statement released on their website tells you alot about their business beliefs.

Firstly, the reason why GIA diamonds are more expensive is NOT because of they are in higher demand. The stark difference in prices as compared to EGL stones is due to quality differences. EGL has lax grading standards. For example, a stone graded by EGL as E color VS2 could very well be graded as H color, SI2 by GIA.

Any diamond vendor who says that the EGL lab is reliable speaks volumes about themselves and typically fall into these 2 categories:

1) Either they are ignorant about the industry and had been living under a rock all this time or they aren’t even qualified to look at the diamonds to notice the stark differences in grading standards. This point by itself should make you wonder why you even want to do business with such vendors.

2) They know that EGL has a softer grading system and unethically market them as being comparable to GIA. Sadly, many unsuspecting consumers fall into the trap of paying more for a significantly lower quality product. For more details on how these 2 labs compare against each other, read this article for further information.

I will let you decide for yourself which of these categories they might fall into.

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are one of the most in-demand pieces of diamond jewelry and as such, the company has a range of several types of engagement rings. You can choose from a selection of pre-set rings or custom designed pieces. Pre-set designs like the traditional solitaire, three-stone designs, and multi-stone designs are available for consumers who want to avoid the hassle of picking their own diamonds.

That said, I want to highlight you shouldn’t make this mistake of NOT selecting your own diamonds. Pre-sets are usually a bad idea when buying an engagement ring because you have little control over the diamond’s quality and what’s available.

Wedding Rings And Bands

Wedding rings are also a top selling collection for people planning to get married. From plain wedding bands to intricately designed rings, the consumer’s buying process is made easier by the company’s knowledgeable and experienced assistants.

There are people there who can provide invaluable advice to help you select a ring that meets you and your partner’s tastes and is within your budget as well. Personally speaking, the range of designs is the only OK aspect that passes my own standards.

Earrings, Bracelets And Pendants offers both pre-set earring designs as well as personalized studs that cater to customers with different types of budget. Upon further browsing, you can also find the same level of customization with other jewelry accessories like bracelets and pendants.

The Website Structuring

Having entered the online fray a little late, this is one area where they still have lots of work to do. While it is fairly easy to navigate the site, the interface isn’t intuitive and looks a little too ‘crowded’. In essence, there are 3 main sections to search from.

Firstly, the jewelry area for bracelets, pendants and earrings. Secondly, the ‘Create Your Ring’ feature that allows you to come up with a personalized design for rings. And lastly, the ‘halo collection’ for pre-set rings collection.

The section on diamond education is decent and are targeted at buyers with little knowledge about diamonds. My only complain here is that you need to be a little careful of what you read and take some advice with a pinch of salt. There’s also a FAQ section that offers more direct answers to commonly asked questions.

Conclusion of the Review on

Despite the not-so-impressive website, they are a still a decent online retailer. They proudly stand behind the quality of their jewelry and offer a 60-day money back guarantee (not common in online jewelry selling). There’s also a pretty generous policy that DiamondsOnWeb offers and worthy of mention.

Even after your 60-day money back guarantee has expired, they are still willing to make you happy by offering the opportunity to upgrade your purchase to another piece of jewelry and be billed with only the difference in price.

After considering all the factors above, I would give a miss. Why? They are just too many similar online vendors (e.g. BlueNile, UnionDiamond) like them out there and they all fail to address the most fundamental problem with Internet diamonds. The major issue of buying blind isn’t solved. Shopping based solely on numbers and grading certificates in today’s market is considered prehistoric and doesn’t add enough value to the shopper.

Instead, I would recommend checking out vendors like Whiteflash, Brian Gavin Diamonds or JamesAllen. These are the type of companies that would empower consumers to make a better purchases with value added services like gemological inspections, videos, magnified images as well as technical data on a diamond’s optical performance.