Arctic Circle puts an ethical ring on it

Arctic Circle Diamonds has launched a new range of ethical engagement rings inspired by the delicate flowers that thrive in the frozen landscapes of Scandinavia and Canada.  Set with Canadian diamonds, these floral engagement rings are available in white or yellow Fairtrade gold and are the perfect choice for couples who want to celebrate their commitment with a completely clean conscience.

This engagement ring by Arctic Circle Diamonds in Fairtrade white gold is set with a round brilliant-cut 0.50ct Canadian diamond (£3,080).

Arctic Circle Diamonds prides itself on combining three key elements in its ethical jewellery creations: fully traceable diamonds, Fairtrade gold, and the very best of British craftsmanship and design. All the diamonds come from mines located in the most remote part of northwest Canada and each stone is laser engraved with a unique serial number to verify that it has been sourced in a sustainable and responsible way. Canadian mines operate with the highest environmental standards in the world, working closely with the local communities to preserve the environment and to offer workers fair wages and educational opportunities. 

Master goldsmiths based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter in the UK then set the cut and polished stones into diamond rings, pendants and earrings crafted from Fairtrade gold. 

Arctic Flowers solitaire ring in Fairtrade gold with a 1.11ct ideal square Canadian diamond from ethical brand Arctic Circle Diamonds (£12,670)

The new Arctic Flowers collection comprises four-claw and crossover diamond engagement rings for women along with matching stud earrings and pendants, all inspired by the petals and leaves of the flowers found in both the tundra surrounding the Canadian mines and the most northern parts of Scandinavia. Several of the designs feature open settings that reveal the sides of the diamond, including a glimpse of the tiny serial number. 

With the motto “It’s Cool to Care”, Arctic Circle jewellery reflects the growing interest from brides and grooms in the provenance of their engagement rings, wedding bands and bridal jewellery.

Arctic Circle Diamonds was founded in 2013 by industry leader Judith Lockwood, who is now managing director of the brand. Judith works in partnership with Hockley Mint, which is a manufacturing company based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, where all of the diamonds are set in Fairtrade gold.

Judith says: “Each of our new designs has a strength and beauty that is comparable to the flora and fauna that grows from the frozen tundra. Arctic Flowers captures this perfectly.”

  • Arctic Circle Diamonds crossover diamond ring

    Arctic Flowers crossover solitaire diamond engagement ring

    Arctic Circle

    £ 5,095

  • Arctic Circle Diamonds diamond engagement ring

    Arctic Flowers diamond engagement ring in yellow gold

    Arctic Circle

    £ 2,045

  • Arctic Circle Diamonds diamond engagement ring

    Arctic Flowers brilliant-cut diamond engagement ring

    Arctic Circle

    £ 3,755

  • Arctic Circle Diamonds four-claw diamond ring

    Arctic Flowers diamond engagement ring in white gold

    Arctic Circle

    £ 3,050

  • Arctic Circle Diamonds diamond double ring

    Arctic Flowers crossover brilliant-cut diamond engagement ring

    Arctic Circle

    £ 3,080

  • Arctic Circle Diamonds solitaire diamond ring

    Arctic Flowers square diamond engagement ring

    Arctic Circle

    £ 12,670