Baume & Mercier watches just in time for Christmas

Be less predictable this Christmas and choose a watch for a gift that will be cherished every day of the year. And to help you with your seasonal shopping, Baume & Mercier presents an enticing array of both men’s and women’s watches that make ideal Christmas presents.

These models have been selected to please both those who already own a watch and want to add something a little different to their collection and those about to have their first taste of the joys of owning a luxury Swiss watch.

For women, rich, warm chocolate colours add a new look to the Baume & Mercier classic Hampton and Linea watches. The brown dials and satin straps, combined with an 18ct red gold case set with sparkling diamonds, make for an original yet wearable timepiece. And what’s more, each of the Linea watches comes with an easy-to-change additional strap, which allows the wearer to switch looks with ease.

The Linea is also available with a more traditional, creamy-white, mother-of-pearl dial, set off by the fire diamonds in either red gold or steel. Variations include an elegant black satin strap that can be changed for a truly spectacular bracelet with diamond-set links, and you can carry on giving throughout the year as a wide range of colourful straps can be bought separately to instantly alter the look of your Linea watch.

For men, the handsome, square Hampton in red gold combines the timeless appeal of a classic with an unexpected twist thanks to the copper-coloured, satin-finish dial. Harking back to Baume & Mercier’s history of manufacturing superior chronographs, the Capeland is for those men who are looking for a more technical watch. The three versions of the Flyback Chronograph come in either steel or red gold and offer a manly and appealing retro style along with an impressively complex dial.

For all the immediate ‘must have’ appeal of these models, Baume & Mercier watches are rooted in a long tradition of watchmaking. Founded in 1830, Baume & Mercier has been making watches for nearly 200 years and, throughout its history, this Swiss company has been recognised for its high-specification chronographs, for which they won precision prizes. Later, Baume & Mercier branched out into dainty women’s ‘baignoire’ or bath-tub shaped watches. With a heritage this rich, the watch brand has extensive archives to delive into, as is evident in the Capeland and the Hamptons models. In fact, the Hampton has been in the Baume & Mercier archives since it launched an Art Deco rectangular watch of the same name in the 1940s.




  • Baume-and-Mercier-10090

    Baume & Mercier Linea in red gold with a satin strap, quartz movement and brown dial. £5,540.

  • Baume-and-Mercier-10091

    Baume & Mercier Linea, red gold with satin strap, quartz movement with white dial. £7,150.

  • Baume-and-Mercier-Linea-10092

    Baume & Mercier Linea, steel case and strap with quartz movement. £10,500.

  • Baume-et-Mercier-Capeland-10006

    Baume & Mercier Capeland Flyback Chrono Automatic with steel case and alligator strap. £5,110.

  • Baume-et-Mercier-Capeland-10007

    Baume & Mercier Capeland Flyback Chrono Automatic with red gold case and alligator strap. £12,990.

  • Baume-et-Mercier-Capeland-10068

    Baume & Mercier Capeland Flyback Chrono Automatic with steel case and alligator strap. £5,110.

  • Baume-et-Mercier-Hampton-10093

    Baume & Mercier Hampton, red gold, satin strap quartz, brown & black dial. £6,300.

  • Baume-et-Mercier-Hampton-10033

    Baume & Mercier Hampton, Red gold/Alligator manual movement with copper-colored dial. £9,990.