Boucheron’s new Epure watches

As its name suggests, Boucheron’s Épure embodies a design approach as pure as morning light. Launched at Baselworld 2013, the beauty of the Épure lies in a rigorous design aesthetic that strips away the superfluous and glorifies exquisite nuances and rich materials. The iconic sculpted curves of mirror-polished gadroons and two glossy blue cabochon sapphires are the only embellishments this watch needs.

Translated from French, the word épure means ‘working drawing’ or sketch, evident in the clean and precise lines of the watch. You can almost imagine the sharply etched pencil draft from which it was born lying on the drawing table.

The double gadroon, or edging, seen on the bezel, the crown and the golden circle on the dial is a leitmotif of the house, created by the founder Frédéric Boucheron in 1889. This motif was inspired by the ribbed double-bands of metalwork or stone found on Parisian landmarks, such as the monumental Eiffel Tower. Today this design element is very much present in Boucheron’s ‘Quatre’ jewels as well as the new Épure watches. 

It’s not surprising that ‘the jeweller of light’ is playing with the sun in a new way. With just one small movement of the wrist, rays bounce off the shiny golden surfaces, glow against the satin finish of the dial and race across the curved glass. The entire case of the watch is lens-shaped, giving it its sculptural form, with refined lugs that hug the wrist. 

Available in both 38mm and 42mm models in white or rose gold, variants include a tourbillon as well as diamond-set bezel options. All the Épure watches are powered by the GP 4000, a sophisticated Girard-Perregaux movement made in Switzerland. The movement is visible through the case back, and the oscillating mass is decorated with a charming cut-out in the form of a ‘champagne cork’, another house design cue. A small champagne cork can be found stamped into the gold on the inside of all Boucheron jewels. 

On the back of the watch you will see the engraving ‘Je ne sonne que des heures heureuses’, which also harks back to the maison’s history. Frédéric Boucheron, who founded the firm in 1858, first set up shop in the arcades of the Palais-Royal. From here he could see a small cannon, which was fired each noon to help the good gentlemen of Paris set their watches precisely. The cannon was engraved with this phrase in Latin. Being of a romantic nature, Boucheron was so taken with the inscription that he made it the firm’s motto, which is why you will find it on the back of each and every Épure watch. The phrase translates as ‘I count only the joyful hours’, a very positive attitude to timekeeping.




  • BoucheronEpureTourbillon43mm

    Boucheron Épure Tourbillon watch 43mm.

  • BoucheronEpureWatchRoseGold38mm

    Boucheron Épure watch in rose gold 38mm.

  • BoucheronEpureWatchWhiteGoldDiamonds38mm

    Boucheron Épure watch in white gold and diamonds 38mm.

  • BoucheronEpureWatchWhiteGoldWhiteDial42mm

    Boucheron Épure watch in white gold with white dial 42mm.

  • BoucheronEpureWatchWhiteGoldWhiteDialDiamonds42mm

    Boucheron Épure watch in white gold and diamonds with white dial 42mm.

  • BoucheronEpureWatchWhiteGold42mm

    Boucheron Épure watch in white gold 42mm.