We talk to Yohan Blake about his new collaboration with watch maker Richard Mille in our latest video

Swiss luxury watch house Richard Mille recently collaborated with the 100m World Champion, Yohan Blake on a new tourbillon watch.

Last year, Blake – affectionately known as “The Beast” because of his unusual running style – wore a prototype Richard Mille watch for every one of his medal-winning races at the London Olympics. Exactly one year on and the watch, which has been designed “with a Jamaican flavour” in yellow and green, has gone into production.

The watch itself has a number of defining features. It’s super-light, a necessity when being worn on the track, and has four ‘claws’, which refer to Blake’s nickname, which serve the purpose as a bridge for the mechanism. The case is made from a carbon compound that is extremely durable, and the watch itself features a tourbillon movement, one of the most complicated watch moments in the world. The watch was specially designed to reference Blake’s Jamaican heritage and comes with eye-popping accents of neon yellow and green.

Last month, a smartly-dressed Yohan Blake launched the first brightly coloured watch at Harrods, and we were lucky enough to grab some face time with the man of the moment, as well as Peter Harrison, CEO of Richard Mille.