Harry Winston unveils four impressive new timepieces

Expanding two of its existing timepiece collections, New York jeweller Harry Winston recently announced the launch of four new men’s watches. 

A fascinating addition to the Harry Winston Midnight Collection is the Midnight Minute Repeater. Featuring one of the most unique complications, the Midnight Minute Repeater chimes the time on demand. To work its magic, the repeater mechanism has to “read” the time of the watch and convert it into sound using an incredibly complex system of racks and levers. Usually hidden, the repeater mechanism is visible through an aperture in the dial, as are the tiny hammers that strike internal gongs to create the chiming sound. 

One of three new timepieces in the Ocean Collection, the Ocean Tourbillon GMT combines a tourbillon with a dual time-zone function, making it extremely useful and highly complicated. A redesign of the original Ocean Tourbillon GMT, the dial has been reinterpreted in all black, on which the dual time-zone displays and tourbillon are visible, arranged in overlapping circles. Equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement comprised of 550 parts, this watch combines functionality with the unmistakable style of the Ocean Collection.

Also new to the Ocean Collection is the Project Z6 Blue Edition. Just like the other watches in the collection, the Project Z6 Blue Edition is made from Zalium, a light, harder than titanium and non-allergenic alloy that is exclusive to Harry Winston. Featuring the impressive mechanical, hand-wound HW1010 movement alongside a smart satin-brushed blue dial and blue rubber strap, the Project Z6 Blue Edition is the ultimate high-end sports watch.

Harry Winston has released one final addition for the Ocean Collection. The Ocean Sport Chronograph has a distinctly aquatic aesthetic, felt through the deep blue smoked sapphire dial and blue rubber strap. Similar to the Project Z6 Blue Edition, the Ocean Sport Chronograph uses satin finished Zalium for its 44mm case and rotating bezel. Water resistant to 200m, it’s a sporty, skillfully crafted watch.

  • HarryWinstonMidnightMinuteRepeater1

    Limited edition Harry Winston Midnight Minute Repeater in rose gold set with 34 rubies.

  • HarryWinstonMidnightMinuteRepeater3

    Harry Winston Midnight Minute Repeater in polished white gold.

  • HarryWinstonMidnightMinuteRepeater4

    Harry Winston Midnight Minute Repeater in white gold set with 34 rubies.

  • HarryWinstonOceanSport

    Harry Winston Ocean Sport Chronograph with a satin finished zalium case, a three-dimensional smoked blue sapphire dial and a blue rubber strap.

  • HarryWinstonOceanTourbillon1

    Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon GMT with satin finished rose gold case and a black galvanic dial.

  • HarryWinstonOceanTourbillon2

    Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon GMT with satin finished white gold case and a black galvanic dial.

  • HarryWinstonz6

    Harry Winston Z6 Blue Edition with a 44mm Zalium case and blue rubber strap.

  • HarryWinstonMidnightMinuteRepeater2

    Harry Winston Midnight Minute Repeater in polished rose gold embossed with the Harry Winston logo and a hand sewn black alligator leather strap.