Holiday gift guide: jaw-dropping diamond necklaces

Nothing says glamour like draping diamonds around the neck – just ask 20th century style icons such as Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor. And whether the lady in your life likes to be on trend or prefers a jewel with classic timelessness, one of these statement diamond necklaces would make for the best Christmas present.

Irene Neuwirth
Yellow gold necklace with full-cut diamonds

For the modern girl who loves to mix luxury with minimalism, these golden squares provide a chic setting to full-cut diamonds. This stunning piece of Irene Neuwirth jewelry, an update on the Riviere necklace, will look just as good with jeans and a white shirt as with an evening gown, and is a world away from the Los Angeles designer’s usual rainbow confections.

Marli NYC
Avventura slip-on collar in white gold and diamonds

This diamond collar from Marli NYC will add sparkle and sex appeal to any LBD this holiday. Inspired by modern design and architecture, designer Maral Artinian started Marli with a mission to create luxury diamond jewelry for a sophisticated, fashion-forward girl. Spilling off the diamond collar are delicate diamond strands that fall like raindrops into the décolletage.

Ribbon necklace in white gold with diamonds and South Sea pearls

Put a bow on it this Christmas with Mikimoto’s classically elegant diamond and pearl necklace. Delicate swirls of nearly 32 carats of diamonds encircle white South Sea pearls ending in a bow – that ever-popular jewelry motif. This one is effortlessly chic with graduated diamonds tapering off to give a more relaxed look, making it a candidate for the best Christmas present ever.

Simon Teakle
Tiffany diamond and platinum flexible mesh bib necklace 

Simon Teakle is an internationally renowned jewelry aficionado who, after 20 years at Christie’s New York, opened a tiny jewel box in upscale Greenwich, Connecticut. The store is bursting with unusual gems and jeweled objects that have attracted his expert eye – including pieces such as this spectacular Tiffany diamond bib, circa 1990, featuring a wide and intricate mosaic of more than 50 carats of diamonds set in quatrefoil motifs. Its flexibility makes it feel as good as it looks.

Nina Runsdorf
Butterfly necklace in white gold with diamond slices and faceted diamonds

Queen of the diamond slice, Nina Runsdorf jewelry exudes the power of luxury and the play of light. This true statement necklace, with the sparkle of its three-dimensional diamond-slice butterflies that land amongst diamond flowers and foliage that spill across the décolletage, will mesmerize anyone who sees it.

Suzanne Kalan
Fireworks collar with white diamond baguettes in white gold

Los Angeles-based Suzanne Kalan’s Fireworks collection has fast become a signature style for the jeweler and has helped give baguette-cut diamonds a new lease of life. The asymmetrically-set diamonds in this flexible collar give a new twist to the diamond necklace, and its delicate size means it can be worn alone or layered for a more dramatic look.

  • Mikimoto Ribbon bow diamond and pearl necklace

    Put a bow on it this Christmas with Mikimoto’s diamond and pearl necklace set with nearly 32ct of diamonds encircling white South Sea pearls, ending in a bow ($POA). 

  • Simon Teakle Tiffany diamond necklace

    Tiffany diamond and platinum flexible mesh bib necklace

    Simon Teakle

    $ 135,000

  • Suzanne Kalan Fireworks diamond necklace

    Fireworks white diamond baguette collar

    Suzanne Kalan

    $ 17,000

  • Marli NYC Avventura white gold and diamond slip-on necklace

    Avventura slip-on diamond collar

    Marli NYC

    $ 14,000

  • Irene Neuwirth gold diamond necklace

    For the modern girl who loves to mix luxury with minimalism, the golden squares in this Irene Neuwirth necklace provide a chic setting to full-cut diamonds ($POA).

  • Nina Runsdorf Butterfly diamond necklace

    Butterfly necklace with diamond slices and faceted diamonds

    Nina Runsdorf

    $ 170,000