Bright ideas: the ultimate coloured gemstones

Sometimes, only the very best will do and what better time to really push the boat out than at Christmas? Here is our ultimate selection of out-of-this-world emerald earrings, sapphire rings and ruby necklaces that pack a glitteringly colourful punch all year round. Mostly £POA, these spectacular jewels have future heirloom written all over them.

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1. Boghossian 
Ballet Oriental Arabesque sapphire cuff

The graceful movements of a prima ballerina come to life in the exquisite Eastern-inspired Boghossian jewellery collection Le Ballet Oriental. One of the standout pieces is this Arabesque sapphire cuff that showcases Boghossian’s signature Art of Inlay technique with Burmese sapphires set into white jade. 

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2. Cartier 
Étourdissant Garance ruby necklace

Cartier jewellery is always a treat to behold and this year’s high jewellery collection recalls the glowing colour palette of the French Riviera in the intoxicatingly bold Étourdissant collection. Radiant in red, the Garance ruby necklace is set with two large cushion-shaped gemstones from Mozambique as well as 26 Burmese rubies and diamonds.

3. Fabergé 
Devotion ruby and diamond ring 

Staying with the Christmas red theme, this ruby ring from Fabergé is the ultimate token to show your undying love this festive season. Featuring a 4.02ct oval-cut ruby with white diamonds on a platinum band, it is part of Faberge’s Devotion collection that celebrates special events, milestones and memorable moments. 

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4. Bulgari 
Giardini Italiani Hidden Treasure emerald earrings

The unusual cuts enhance the extraordinary bright green of these amazing Bulgari earrings from the Giardini Italiani collection. The shape of the four fancy-cut emeralds takes its cue from the geometric designs of the evergreen that was frequently present in the great Italian gardens of the Renaissance era. 

5. Glenn Spiro 
Butterfly titanium, diamond and sapphire ring

Set with an astonishing 332 blue sapphires and 334 diamonds, this beautiful Glenn Spiro ring will flutter prettily on your finger all year round. With a deep-seated passion for gemstones, Glenn Spiro spent 25 years designing one-of-a-kind couture pieces for some of the world’s biggest jewellery houses before launching his own collection, which is now available exclusively in the Fine Jewellery Room at Harrods.

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6. Graff 
Ballerina pink sapphire ring

Whirls of diamonds and pink sapphires resemble the billowing tutu of a ballerina pirouetting across the stage in this stunning Graff ring. The centre stone is surrounded by a flurry of white diamonds and further pink sapphires to create a beautiful layering effect that literally dances around the finger. Graff has recently expanded its store within The Fine Jewellery Room in Harrods, offering a hand picked selection of the jeweller’s most covetable and luxurious creations.

7. Mellerio dits Meller 
Emerald ring 

Easily in the running for this year’s ultimate emerald ring, Mellerio dits Meller has created a jewel fit for a queen. Boasting a 2.82ct emerald framed by white diamonds, it is part of the Médicis high jewellery collection created to mark the French jewellery house’s 400th anniversary, and is inspired by its first royal patron Queen Marie de’ Medici. 

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  • Boghossian Ballet Oriental Arabesque cuff

    This Arabesque sapphire cuff by Boghossian features Burmese sapphires set into white jade.

  • Cartier Garance necklace

    The Garance ruby necklace by Cartier features two large cushion-shaped gemstones from Mozambique as well as 26 Burmese rubies and diamonds.

  • Fabergé Devotion ruby ring

    This Devotion Fabergé ring features a 4.02ct oval-cut ruby with white diamonds on a platinum band.

  • Bulgari Giardini italiani Hidden Treasures emerald earrings

    These Bulgari earrings from the Giardini Italiani collection feature four fancy-cut emeralds following the geometry of Italian gardens during the Renaissance era.

  • Glenn Spiro Butterfly ring

    This Butterfly ring by Glenn Spiro features 332 blue sapphires and 334 diamonds.

  • Graff Ballerina ring

    This Graff Ballerina ring features diamonds and pink sapphires, and resembles the tutu of a ballerina pirouetting across the stage.

  • Mellerio dits Meller Bague Luxuriante emerald ring

    High Jewellery Lily emerald ring in white gold with diamonds

    Mellerio dits Meller

    € 39,600

  • Fabergé oval-cut ruby ring

    This Fabergé ring features a 4.02ct oval-cut ruby with white diamonds on a platinum band.