Andrew Geoghegan’s picture perfect Cannelé collection

The name of the Cannelé collection by Andrew Geoghegan comes from the French word for fluted – a design detail that you can’t miss in these extraordinarily pretty bridal jewels and engagement rings. The centre stone is cupped by a delicate, fluted setting, which is cut and polished under a microscope to achieve the immaculate finish.

The Cannelé diamond engagement ring by Andrew Geoghegan is set with a 0.33ct chocolate coloured diamond (£2,495).

Defying the current culture of celebrities showing off their carat-heavy diamond rings, the award-winning British designer has created a collection that proves bigger is not necessarily better.

“I felt inclined to create this lighter and finer design as I am aware that not everyone wants a great deal of metal in their engagement ring,” says Andrew. “I see each jewellery creation as a sculpture where each view of the piece must be considered, balanced and beautiful.”

The original Cannelé engagement ring with white diamonds is a classic choice and remains the fastest-selling Andrew Geoghegan diamond ring, but more vibrant combinations are available including a central blue sapphire and rich, chocolate-coloured diamond, encircled by a halo of diamonds.

Andrew Geoghegan Cannelé Délire ring in white gold, set with a 6.14ct Mozambique Paraiba tourmaline (£22,560).

The collection has proved so popular that Andrew expanded it to include earrings and pendants, plus an explosively colourful cocktail ring topped with a Paraiba tourmaline from Mozambique.

Crowned the British Jewellery Association’s Designer of the Year in 2013, Andrew also reached the finals for “Bridal Collection of the Year” in 2014 with his Cannelé jewels. Stay tuned for news of Andrew’s latest bridal collection, Clair de Lune, launched in 2016.

  • Award-winning British jewellery designer Andrew Geoghegan

    Based in the Yorkshire hills, Andrew Geoghegan creates extraordinary jewellery with exquisite detailing.

  • Andrew Geoghegan Cannelé diamond earrings

    Cannelé diamond earrings

    Andrew Geoghegan

    £ 2,711

  • Andrew Geoghegan Cannelé diamond necklace.

    Cannelé diamond necklace

    Andrew Geoghegan

    £ 3,803

  • Andrew Geoghegan Cannelé sapphire engagement ring

    Cannelé sapphire engagement ring

    Andrew Geoghegan

    £ 2,161

  • Andrew Geoghegan Cannelé chocolate coloured diamond ring

    Cannelé chocolate coloured diamond engagement ring

    Andrew Geoghegan

    £ 2,495

  • Andrew Geoghegan Cannelé Délire cocktail ring

    Cannelé Delire Paraiba tourmaline cocktail ring

    Andrew Geoghegan

    £ 22,560

  • Andrew Geoghegan Cannelé diamond engagement ring

    Cannelé diamond engagement ring

    Andrew Geoghegan

    £ 3,500