What women want: Valentine’s jewellery she’ll love

Choosing a generic piece of jewellery for your loved one for Valentine’s Day is akin to buying flowers from the petrol station. It lacks imagination, and in no way does it show that you’ve put any thought into the gift. So this Valentine’s Day, take a few minutes to think about what makes her tick and how this could be reflected in a piece of fine jewellery.

Think outside the box and go for a bold piece she’ll love, like these Fire Wasp amethyst and amber earrings by Tessa Packard (£2,800).

“Romance is dead when it comes to clichés,” says British jeweller Tessa Packard. “Instead, think ever so slightly outside the box. No girl will turn down a bespoke pair of earrings to match her favourite cocktail ring; nor will she turn her nose up at a new piece from her favourite designer. The secret to buying a perfect, luxury gift is always in the research. Match the gift to the girl and everyone lives happily ever after.”

For instance, does she have a favourite colour? If so, gemstones offer a variety of options. For ladies who can’t get enough of pink, the Dina Kamal pink sapphire rings bring a cool edge to this feminine hue. Birthstones are also a great way to personalise jewellery, and for September babies, the Sixteen Stone Tiffany ring, designed by Jean Schlumberger, sets sapphires next to diamonds in a band wrapped with yellow gold X-shaped kisses.

Gift these YOKO London earrings minus the pearls, and then bring your beloved to the boutique where she can pick her own (£12,000).

However, if you want your partner to influence the design, yet retain an element of surprise, pearl specialist YOKO London has created an innovative new collection of pearl earrings. Featuring a cage-like design large enough to fit two pearls, men are encouraged to present the earrings on Valentine’s Day without the pearls, and then bring their beloved to the YOKO boutique in Knightsbridge for her to choose the perfect ones to be locked within the earrings.

See more classic jewellery with diamonds and pearls

Valentine’s Day jewellery is undoubtedly an expression of love, and while we counsel against the more obvious motifs, there are stylish ways to get the message across.

These vintage Dearest and Regard rings from the London Victorian Ring Company spell out terms of endearment in gemstones (from £750).

Why not spell out a secret message in coloured gemstones with an antique ring. The London Victorian Ring Company currently has a selection of Georgian and Victorian rings that convey affectionate words by using a code, such as spelling out “dearest” with a diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, emerald, sapphire and turquoise – cracked the code yet?

And if you simply can’t resist a heart motif this Valentine’s Day – we know, the pull is strong – then opt for one with a bit of flair or a point of difference, such as the stylised I Promise To Love You gold bracelet from the Tracy Emin range of Stephen Webster jewellery – perfect for fans of the artist. 

  • Tessa Packard Fire Wasp earrings

    Fire wasp amber and amethyst earrings

    Tessa Packard

    £ 2,800

  • Dina Kamal pink sapphire Open Pinky ring

    Pink sapphire Open pinky ring

    Dina Kamal

    £ 4,935

  • Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany sapphire birthstone ring

    Jean Schlumberger Sixteen Stone sapphire ring

    Tiffany & Co.

    £ 7,250

  • London Victorian Ring Company vintage gemstone rings

    Vintage Victorian acrostic rings

    London Victorian Ring Company

    £ 765

  • Tracy Emin for Stephen Webster heart bracelet

    I Promise To Love You yellow gold bracelet

    Stephen Webster

    £ 650

  • YOKO London white gold and diamond earrings

    Caged pearl earrings

    YOKO London

    £ 12,000