A bejeweled bouquet of floral jewelry for spring

Come February and many of us are feeling it’s high time to bid farewell to the dark days of winter and welcome the warmth and sunshine-infused colors of spring. So what better way for us to lift those winter spirits than with a bejeweled bouquet of floral jewelry? 

Opal flower earrings with Akoya pearls, from Los Angeles-based Irene Neuwirth.

The combination of the two natural wonders of flowers and precious stones have fascinated and inspired jewelry designers throughout the ages. One of the most extraordinary gemstones of all, the opal, has long been the inspiration behind Irene Neuwirth’s jewelry creations, and in these one-of-a-kind opal earrings she combines petals of carved white opal with lustrous Akoya pearls to ultra-feminine effect.

This season’s Boucheron jewelry also pays homage to nature’s wonders in its Animal Collection. The Hopi, one of the Maison’s iconic hummingbirds – named after the Native American legend in which the tiny bird saves humanity from starvation – savors the nectar of a tropical hibiscus in a precious pink sapphire ring.

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Geneva-based high jeweler Michele della Valle describes himself as “dreaming in color” and his work has long been inspired by the natural world. His floral jewelry includes this carved turquoise and aquamarine necklace, which cannot help but bring joy to the wearer.

Alison Lou also extends her playful approach to flowers this season. In her Secret Garden collection, the humble daisy is given a luxury upgrade with the one-of-a-kind He Loves Me sapphire ring, which centers on an 11ct yellow sapphire surrounded by petals of pear-shaped white diamonds and a leaf-green enamel band.

Wendy Yue rose gold ring with blue, white and pink sapphires, tsavorites and rubellites, marissacollections.com ($10,000).

And from Wendy Yue’s fervent imagination comes blossoms in a vivid combination of sapphires, tsavorites and rubellites that wend their way around the finger.

Finally, to quote Robert Burns, nothing says romance like “a red, red rose that’s newly sprung in June”. Sylvie Corbelin captures the singular beauty of this classic flower in amber with a precious gold petal in diamond pavé. Like the first shoots and sunshine of spring, it is guaranteed to bring a smile.

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  • Irene Neuwirth pearl flower earrings

    Opal earrings with Akoya pearls

    Irene Neuwirth

    $ 4,390

  • Boucheron Hibiscus ring

    Hibiscus ring


    £ 38,000

  • Michele della Valle Rose necklace

    Turquoise and aquamarine necklace

    Michele della Valle

    $ 19,750

  • Wendy Yue blue flower ring

    Blue flower ring

    Wendy Yue

    $ 10,000

  • Sylvie Corbelin Splendeur rousse ring

    Splendeur rousse ring

    Sylvie Corbelin

    € 17,000

  • Alison Lou daisy ring

    He Loves Me sapphire ring

    Alison Lou

    $ 32,595