Fabergé’s colorful expansion continues at the Couture Show

Fabergé is one of the most famous names in jewelry, with a rich heritage forged in St Petersburg. This dates back to 1885 when Peter Carl Fabergé delighted the Royal family and the crème de la crème of Russian society with their charming and exquisite creations. Moving with the times, today this historical house is making waves in the US with a fresh collection of contemporary jewels in a dazzling kaleidoscope of glorious colors.

The Fabergé Mosaic Egg pendant has invisible-set, princess-cut sapphires, rubies, tsavorites and white diamonds (POA).

And so this June, at the Couture Show Las Vegas, Fabergé will travel from its London headquarters with its most colorful line-up of jewelry yet. The strong presence of rubies, sapphires and emeralds, alongside the more exotic tsavorites, tourmalines and spinels, is set to enchant retailers with its trademark color palette. And the Americans love Fabergé. Since its inaugural appearance at the show in 2013, the house has significantly grown its North American presence to encompass several high-end retailers, including Lux Bond & Green (CT), Amir H. Mozaffarian (CA), Westime (CA) and Brinkhaus (Vancouver). Fabergé is one of 200 jewelers carefully selected to take part in the 21st edition of America’s most prestigious watch and jewelry show, held at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. 

Since its acquisition by Gemfields in 2013 – one of the world’s leading suppliers of responsibly sourced colored gemstones – the jeweler has been able to cherry-pick its impressive gemstones, from zesty green Zambian emeralds and fiery red Mozambican rubies to a whole rainbow of vibrant Sri Lankan sapphires.

Fabergé Emotion Charmeuse emerald ring featuring more than 30cts of pave-set emeralds, all in yellow gold (£27,395).

For me, the Emotion collection best exemplifies Fabergé’s superb use of color in the same way an artist uses paint on canvas. Infused with intense hues, the abstract pavé-set Emotion rings each feature more than 300 gems, which create an undulating wave of color around the finger. The collection includes a variety of bold designs, from an emerald ring with a center stone that glows like kryptonite, to a rose gold openwork ruby ring edged with sparkling white diamonds. In another ring, which resembles the stars glowing in a clear night sky, tiny diamonds are nestled between deep blue sapphires.

Fabergé ring featuring a blue sugarloaf sapphire central stone and 196 round white diamonds, set in platinum (POA).

Alongside the Emotion rings sit a collection of one-of-a-kind rings with spectacular center stones, such as an emerald cabochon ring framed by layers of white diamonds and smaller emeralds, and a blue sugarloaf sapphire that rises proudly from an intricate platinum and diamond openwork design.

Bridal buyers, take note: Fabergé is also targeting the engagement ring market. The new engagement rings are smaller than the statement Emotion rings but, likewise, exult the beauty of emeralds, sapphires or rubies in a delicate, fluted setting with matching pavé gems.

Watches are an integral part of Fabergé, and among the timepieces that will be on show at Couture Vegas are the new Lady Compliquée Peacock watches set with colored gemstones. Once again, emeralds, sapphires and rubies take center stage in these horological works of art, where an elaborate gemstone-set peacock playfully unravels its feathers over the course of an hour.

The Fabergé Lady Compliquée Peacock ruby watch unravels its feathers over the course of an hour (POA).

Fabergé is inextricably linked to the famous Easter eggs that Peter Carl Fabergé created for the Russian Imperial family, which have become emblematic of the house. Keeping the tradition alive and relevant, the easy-to-wear mosaic versions of the iconic Fabergé egg pendant are set with invisible-set, princess-cut colored gemstones. Their cute little shapes and eye-popping colors are so tempting, you really want to have them all.

Another highlight at Couture Vegas will be Fabergé’s fabulous tassel necklaces, which incorporate the legendary egg alongside cascades of ruby, sapphire or emerald beads. These creations perfectly illustrate how Fabergé continues to weave its impressive heritage into jewels that combine innovation, artistic flair, and technical expertise with the very finest colored gemstones. 

  • Fabergé Emotion Gypsy ruby ring

    Emotion Gypsy ruby ring


    $ 11,000

  • Faberge Emotion blue sapphire ring

    Emotion blue sapphire ring


    $ 19,000

  • Fabergé Emotion blue sapphire thin ring

    The thinner version of the Emotion ring by Fabergé set with 6.10cts of round blue sapphires (£8,145).

  • Fabergé Aurora diamond and emerald ring

    Fabergé Aurora ring with a cabochon emerald surrounded by diamonds and further emeralds, set in white gold (£40,720).

  • Faberg Devotion sapphire ring

    Fabergé ring featuring a blue sugarloaf sapphire central stone and 196 round white diamonds, set in platinum (POA).

  • Fabergé ruby fluted engagement ring

    Fluted ruby engagement ring


    £ 7,330

  • Fabergé Lady Compliquee Peacock ruby watch

    Lady Compliquée Peacock ruby watch



  • Fabergé mosaic multi-coloured pendant

    Mosaic multicolored gemstone pendant



  • Fabergé Imperatrice ruby tassel pendant necklace

    Imperatrice ruby tassel pendant necklace


    £ 34,000

  • Fabergé Emotion Charmeuse emerald ring

    Emotion Charmeuse emerald ring


    £ 27,395