Brumani jewellery dances to the Brazilian beat

Set up in 2005 by brothers Eduardo, Emerson and Rodrigo Brüner, the Brazilian jewellery label Brumani recently celebrated a decade of creating feminine, colourful jewels that literally burst with joy. 

Grandsons of Italian and German immigrants who arrived in Brazil in the 1950s, the three brothers were born into a jewellery tradition spanning more than 50 years. The different facets of their multi-cultural background merges together neatly in Brumani, which combines Italian creativity and German precision with the vivacity and spontaneity of the Brazilian soul. 

Brumani Baobab cabochon smoky quartz ring with pavé coloured gemstones (€2,347).

While the jewels are undoubtedly beautiful and set with the most exquisite gemstones, often sourced from Brazilian mines, the appeal of Brumani jewellery also stems from an intangible feeling of warmth and joy that radiates from each piece. Eduardo Brüner, director of marketing and creation, says: “Our goal is to create jewellery for the most beautiful and feminine women. Our greatest challenge is to convey a state of mind, a joy of living, something that transcends the jewellery, and that connects to a lifestyle through our design and our combinations of coloured gemstones.” 

Each piece is handcrafted in the Brumani atelier where traditional jewellery-making techniques and leading-edge technology seamlessly blend together. The contemporary jewels are inspired by nature as well as the art world, with a healthy dose of Brazilian soul to give them that irresistible Brumani touch. It’s no wonder that the brand already counts celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Emily Blunt and Katy Perry among its legions of fans across the world. 

Double Baobab Bubbles earrings in rose gold with diamond, rose quartz, white sapphire and pink topaz (€1,899).

The Brazilian brand also hit the headlines after singer Taylor Swift was pictured wearing a pair of Brumani Looping Shine ear climbers last year. As Eduardo puts it: “Jewels celebrate life, mark special moments and make history. We create jewellery to be part of everyday life, part of the story of each woman, so that they are enjoyed.”

With its soft contours and pastel hues, the Baobab collection is inspired by the tree of the same name, which was transported from Africa to Brazil in the 18th century. The tree is also famous for having inspired the story and watercolour pictures in French author Saint-Exupery’s book The Little Prince

Since its launch, this collection of pastel jewels has been expanded to encompass four versions, all with different coloured gemstones. The original collection features cabochons of aquamarine and ruby, Brazilian pink tourmalines and brown diamonds set into yellow gold. As the name suggests, the Baobab Rosé collection is crafted from pink gold and set with diamonds, pink quartz and pink tourmaline. The Baobab Grass jewels are also made in pink gold, which accentuates the green chrysoberyl and lemon quartz cabochons, which are paired with mandarin garnets and brown diamonds.

Baobab Bubbles bracelet by Brumani with brown diamonds, blue topaz, pink topaz, London topaz and ruby (€2,978).

Finally, the Paraiba Baobab collection introduces white gold set with diamonds, aquamarine cabochons and the very rare and precious Paraiba tourmaline. 

Brumani’s latest launch is an entry-price collection entitled Corcovado, after the most famous mountain in Rio de Janeiro, which features Brazilian stones such as citrine, amethyst, rhodolite garnet and blue topaz. 

Infused with the opulent, vibrant spirit of Brazil, these colourful jewels will make your heart sing with joy every time you wear them.

  • Brumani Baobab brown diamonds, quartz and aquamarine earrings

    Baobab coloured gemstone earrings


    € 15,747

  • Brumani Baobab smoky quartz ring with coloured gemstones

    Baobab cabochon smoky quartz ring


    € 2,347

  • Brumani Baobab Bubbles rose gold, diamond and rose quartz earrings

    Double Baobab Bubbles rose quartz earrings with coloured gemstones


    € 1,899

  • Brumani Baobab topaz, ruby and diamond bracelet

    Baobab Bubbles topaz bracelet


    € 2,978

  • Brumani Baobab rose quartz and diamond earrings

    Baobab rose quartz, tourmaline and diamond earrings


    € 2,195

  • Brumani Baobob Baobab aquamarine earrings

    Baobab aquamarine earrings


    € 8,249

  • Brumani Baobab Bubbles multicolour gemstone necklace

    Baobab Bubbles multicolour gemstone necklace


    € 1,897

  • Brumani Baobob Rose necklace with pink tourmaline

    Baobab rose quartz pendant necklace


    € 1,560

  • Brumani earrings

    Baobab rose quartz earrings with pink tourmaline


    € 1,930

  • Brumani Baobab brown diamonds, pink tourmaline and aquamarine ring

    Baobab ring with multi-coloured gemstones


    € 7,300