Wendy Brandes Jewelry ring

In honor of my debut next week at JCK’s LUXURY jewelry show, here is some of the editorial coverage that JCK the organization and publication has given me over the years.

Last year, Brittany Siminitz, JCK Marketplace Manager, chose my NYC Taxi and Passenger Maneater ring for the Editors’ Picks page of the Jewelers’ Choice Awards supplement.


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Her colleague, Jennifer Heebner, had featured my Bull and Bullfighter Maneater Ring the year before. Jennifer’s story starts: “Who would’ve thought that a $10 trinket from a New York City street vendor could influence an artist for decades?” Read the rest here.

I had a ton of fun doing the “JCK Asks …” interview in 2012. (“We’ve all felt the urge to tell someone to STFU,” reads Melissa Rose Bernardo’s intro.)


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And FitzRoy the Cat, aka #thecatinthebowl, became a true supermeowdel when he and I were chosen for the “Jewelers & Pets” series last year.


Earring jackets inspired by FitzRoy. Click for original post.

My shoulder-brushing Cleopatra earrings in 18K gold made it to the JCK cover in 2013.


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As you can see, JCK and I are old friends so participating in the show is long overdue! If you’re going to be in Vegas, I’ll be in the Elite Enclave ballroom, booth LUXEE28. Read all about the virtual-reality project I’m participating in here. Want to make an appointment? Email me at info at wendybrandes dot com and I’ll get you on my calendar.