Niquesa: a colourful world of art-inspired jewellery

For Niquesa founder Elisabetta de Simone Niquesa, creating jewellery is akin to painting a masterpiece or trilling an operatic aria. It is an art form, one of coloured gemstones.

Elisabetta de Simone Niquesa is the Italian-born founder and creative director of fine jewellery brand Niquesa.

“My passion for collecting gems started from a very young age; whenever I found a special stone in a market or store, I would take it to a workshop and make a simple piece of jewellery out of it,” says the Italian designer, whose great uncle Tommaso Saulini was a famous cameo maker whose work can be found in London’s V&A Museum. “My grandmother also had an extensive personal collection that was passed down over the generations, which I often admired and played with as a young child.”

Elisabetta studied the arts – particularly poetry, music and sculpture – and trained as an opera singer, all of which fuelled her desire to become a jewellery designer. In 2014, she focused her creative and set up fine jewellery house Niquesa with husband Luigi de Simone Niquesa, a hotelier who shares her passion for art and jewellery.

The Pulcinella ring by Niquesa features a 51.3ct amethyst cabochon surrounded by multicoloured gemstones (£8,523).

This fledgling brand, which has an elaborately decorated private atelier in London’s Belgravia packed with artworks, specialises in jewellery set with coloured gemstones and bespoke commissions. “I would describe Niquesa jewellery as contemporary and classic, with bold colour choices and combinations that aim to be distinctive and reflect an individual’s personality,” says Elisabetta, who splits her time between London and Rome.

The designer’s favourite creation is her Rose of the Desert ring, which was the result of a collaboration with ethical gemstone miner Gemfields. “I handpicked a natural oval ruby of exceptional colour and two identical pear-shaped emeralds,” she recalls. “The most distinctive elements to this design are the 532 round brilliant white diamonds, which the coloured gemstones are embedded into and which wrap all the way around the ring, making contact with the skin. It is a truly exceptional piece.”

White gold eternity ring by Niquesa set with stunning marquise-cut emeralds and white diamonds (£8,524).

Niquesa is a young brand, but Elisabetta draws from a deep well of inspiration that promises more exciting artistic designs in the future. “To me, art is when one can feel and understand the emotions of the artist, and one is fully immersed in their work,” she says. “The beauty of this creative development process is that, through our pieces, we can involve the wearer in that emotional journey.” 

  • Elisabetta de Simone Niquesa

    Elisabetta de Simone Niquesa is the Italian-born founder and creative director of fine jewellery brand Niquesa.

  • Niquesa amethyst, diamond and purple sapphire earrings

    Dance diamond, sapphire and amethyst earrings


    £ 14,540

  • Niquesa emerald and diamond ring

    Amore emerald eternity band in white gold


    £ 8,524

  • Niquesa Margherita sapphire, tsavorite and diamond earrings

    Amore Margherita orange sapphire and tsavorite earrings


    £ 22,560

  • Niquesa Petali d'Amore sapphire drop earrings

    Petali d’Amore multi-coloured sapphire earrings


    £ 13,536

  • Niquesa Petali d'Amore blue sapphire and diamond bracelet

    Petali d’Amore sapphire bracelet in white gold


    £ 27,072

  • Niquesa amethyst ring

    Venice Pulcinella amethyst ring with multicoloured gemstones


    £ 8,523