Carla Amorim: the Brazilian jewellery queen

From a pair of emerald earrings inspired by a flock of birds, to a rose gold ring that simulates the rays of the Sun, Carla Amorim encapsulates the vibrancy of her native Brazil as well as the glorious wonder of nature in all its forms. We caught up with Carla shortly after the whirlwind of Baselworld where the designer has exhibited her collections since 2005. She explains that there are three main influences behind her jewellery designs: architecture, nature, and her own Catholic faith. 

The design of this ring from Carla Amorim’s celestial-inspired Lumina collection represents the golden rays of the Sun.

While the Brazilian designer has dedicated entire jewellery collections to the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo – destinations that are going to be in the spotlight when the Olympics 2016 comes to town – in 2014 she turned her attention eastwards with the highly acclaimed Russia collection, inspired by the country’s architecture and natural landscape.

Carla developed an interest in jewellery from a young age and started designing pieces for friends and family before setting up her eponymous brand in 1992. Two years later, she opened the first Carla Amorim jewellery store and, today, she has seven freestanding stores in Brazil as well as stockists all over the world.

This Carla Amorim bracelet in rose gold is set with white brilliant-cut diamonds and is the perfect everyday piece.

Given that the South American country produces two thirds of the world’s coloured gemstones, Brazilian jewellery designers have an abundance of precious and semi-precious materials at their fingertips. Carla says: “Brazil is bestowed with so many beautiful gemstones and this serves as a great source for many of the stones we use. Yet I try and also use gemstones that are not found here in Brazil to keep a good mix and to innovate.”

A kaleidoscope of gemstones adds a riot of colour to jewels that reverberate with an infectious and joyful energy, such as the Revoada earrings inspired by a flock of vibrant Brazilian birds. However, Carla also excels at creating elegant diamond jewellery that displays her trademark attention to detail, be it a textured band on a ring or a diamond-studded bracelet with a tassel comprised of tiny gold beads. She says: “I am especially taken by diamonds as they have so many unique properties that no other gemstone possesses.”

Rose gold earrings with blue dumortierite cabochons set in a concentric pattern, from Brazilian designer Carla Amorim.

One of the more affordable pieces from her collections, the Brigadeiro ring, combines modern texture with a classically elegant rose-cut diamond. It is part of the Resort collection, which is inspired by summer holidays with a laid-back, yet luxurious, vibe.

And for those of us who dream of warmer climes, a piece or two of Carlo Amorim jewellery will surely inject a ray of Brazilian sunshine into grey and dreary days.

  • Carla Amorim Sunny Rose ring

    Sunny rose gold ring

    Carla Amorim

    $ 4,248

  • Carla Amorim blue dumortierite earrings

    Sieve earrings in rose gold with blue dumortierite

    Carla Amorim

    $ 6,692

  • Carla Amorim Brigadeiro ring

    Brigadeiro diamond ring in rose gold

    Carla Amorim

    $ 633

  • Carla Amorim Terco diamond bangle

    Terço diamond bangle in rose gold

    Carla Amorim

    $ 13,154

  • Carla Amorim

    Brazilian jewellery designer Carla Amorim draws inspiration from nature, architecture, and her own religious faith.

  • Carla Amorim Vitoria Regia emerald and diamond pendant

    Vitoria Regia emerald and black diamond pendant

    Carla Amorim

    $ 14,492