Map out your star sign in diamonds

The human race has long believed that our fate here on Earth is influenced by the stars above. And for those who are firm believers in the power of the cosmos, Zodiac jewellery can offer a precious connection.

While each sign of the Zodiac is represented by an earthly symbol, such as a ram for Aries or a lion for Leo, each sign also has a corresponding star formation. Because of this, a popular way to wear your star sign in fine jewellery is to map out this formation in diamonds.

Kimberly McDonald uses sapphires and white diamonds to form the Zodiac sign for Aquarius on this gold pendant ($19,250).

Theo Fennell, Robinson Pelham and Kimberly McDonald have all created jewels around this theme, with McDonald even using a full pavé of blue sapphires to create a dark night-sky backdrop to her diamond-dotted, yellow gold star signs.

One of the benefits of these designs is that it might not be instantly obvious that your necklace or charm represents a star sign, unless the admirer is a keen stargazer.

Fine jeweller Dionea Orcini has also created a range of Zodiac jewellery that link into the stars and their influence on us mere mortals but, again, her designs are not easily recognisable as such. One side of the double-faced King Solomon pendant from her Symbol collection has a decorative rose gold, arabesque design dotted in diamonds, while the other side is a network of white gold, rope-like lines in the formation of one of Kaballah’s most powerful symbols, known as Solomon’s seals or pentacles keys. “These seals are based on very ancient Kaballah cosmic constellation principles designed to evoke protection and spiritual guidance by combining the influence of planets and angels,” says Orcini.

Jewels Emporium’s Thee Wild collection traps Zodiac symbols beneath quartz glass in these Capricorn silver cufflinks (CHF800).

Thee Wild, a collection from the jewellery brand Jewels Emporium, is currently sold through Genevan boutique Les Facettes and  offers an additional level of protection with its Zodiac cufflinks. The silver cufflinks are decorated with symbols from the Zodiac and topped with a layer of natural crystal quartz that promise to “bring the wearer cosmic energy, enhance positive thoughts and wellness, give strength and clarity to the intellect, and reduce the harmful effects of radiation”. And who couldn’t do with a dose of that on the daily commute?


  • Theo Fennell Zodiac diamond pendant

    Zodiac diamond pendant in yellow gold

    Theo Fennell

    £ 1,300

  • Robinson Pelham constellation diamond pendant

    Aries Constellation diamond pendant in yellow gold

    Robinson Pelham

    £ 1,405

  • Kimberly McDonald Zodiac sapphire pendant

    Zodiac Aquarius pendant

    Kimberly McDonald

    $ 19,250

  • Dionea Orcini gold and diamond King Solomon pendant

    King Solomon diamond pendant in rose gold

    Dionea Orcini


  • Jewels Emporium Thee Wild Zodiac silver cufflinks

    Jewels Emporium Thee Wild silver cufflinks, available at Les Facettes, feature the healing properties of quartz glass (CHF800).

  • Jewels Emporium Thee Wild Zodiac Capricorn cufflink

    Thee Wild Zodiac silver and crystal quartz cufflinks

    Jewels Emporium

    CHF 800

  • Jessie V E diamond constellation ring

    Constellation Sagittarius diamond ring

    Jessie V E London

    £ 1,850

  • Anna Loucah star sign pendant in Fairtrade yellow gold

    Amulet Fairtrade yellow gold and diamond necklace

    Anna Loucah

    £ 465

  • Brooke Gregson Zodiac diamond pendant

    Astrology Leo diamond necklace

    Brooke Gregson

    £ 1,915

  • Kimberly McDonald Zodiac pendants

    Kimberly McDonald’s Zodiac pendants in gold and sapphires are lit up with bright white diamonds ($19,250 each).