Lily Gabriella pops up at Harvey Nichols with her individual jewels

Lily Gabriella is one of our favourite jewellery designers, but we just can’t seem to get enough of her. And that is because her bold and very individual jewels are available in only a select few locations. But with Gabriella’s pop-up shop in London’s glamorous Harvey Nichols department store from now until mid-January, those who love her refined yet colourful take on jewellery can have a much closer look. The initiative is a collaboration between Lily Gabriella and the website La Maison Couture.  And there is also the chance to win a pair of gold Ouh Lala earrings in a fun competition.

Lily Gabriella’s pop-up at Harvey Nichols is a chance to discover this talented designer’s glamorous yet edgy creations. In store until mid-January 2017. 

Step in from the cold via the Saville Street entrance and you will find Lily Gabriella’s jewels sparkling in several display cabinets in the new jewellery room on the ground floor. Start your journey with Spira, her early work. Tribal designs from Gabriella’s native Brazil as well as the sweeping planes of Frank Ghery’s architecture inspired the smooth, minimalist curves of these jewels.

The quality of her work was immediately evident in this first collection and the influence of her mentor Joel Arthur Rosenthal, known simply as JAR, is plain to see in the care taken over both the concept and the craftsmanship, in particular the gem-setting. The aristocratic Czarina collection pares back the elaborate filigree style by reducing it to two-dimensional outlines, serving up a edgy style of grandeur to a new generation of aesthetes.

One-of-a-kind Damali gold earrings by Lily Gabriella with 5.40 carats of cognac diamonds, orange sapphires and blue topaz (£23,000).

Or you might like the more abstract Infinitas, which adorns the body with rhythmic ripples and twists of gold set with intensely coloured gemstones – and don’t miss the edgy hand bracelet that always catches my eye. Damali, which means beautiful vision in Arabic, is inspired by the mysticism of the Middle East and includes one-off pendants and earrings with mesmerising patterns in rich hues. Look out for the Damali statement pendants and face-flattering earrings set to arrive in early January.

Also on display are the playful Love Me collection of earrings and necklaces that spell out evocative phrases, including Ouh Lala, Sassy Chic and Sweet in swirling gold script,with or without a dusting of gems. And if you take a picture of yourself wearing your favourite Lily Gabriella jewel at Harvey Nichols and put it on Instagram using #LGxHN,  tagging @lilygabriella, you could win a pair of yellow gold Ouhlala earrings.  The winner will be announced on 6 January 2016.

So head down to Harvey Nichols and discover Lily Gabriella’s world of stylish jewels, and you may even win a cool pair of earrings. And if you have missed out on Lily Gabriella’s pop-up, which is open until mid-January, visit the Harvey Nichols website to view a selection of Lily Gabriella jewels, all available to buy exclusively online. 

  • Lily Gabriella Infinitas collection of blue sapphire jewels

    The Infinitas collection in rose gold with sapphires includes a dramatic hand bracelet, along-the-finger ring and strikingly elegant cuff. 

  • Lily Gabriella pop-up at Harvey Nichols in London

    Lily Gabriella’s pop-up at Harvey Nichols is a chance to discover this talented designer’s glamorous yet edgy creations. In store until mid-January 2017. 

  • Lily Gabriella

    Brazilian jewellery designer Lily Gabriella Elia set up her brand Lily Gabriella in 2011.

  • Lily Gabriella one of a kind Damali earrings

    Damali cognac diamond, sapphire and topaz earrings

    Lily Gabriella

    £ 23,000

  • Lily Gabriella Infinitas sapphire along the finger ring

    Infinitas along-the-finger sapphire ring

    Lily Gabriella

    £ 6,000

  • Lily Gabriella blue sapphire palm bracelet in rose gold

    Blue sapphire palm bracelet in rose gold

    Lily Gabriella

    £ 10,000

  • Lily Gabriella Infinitas blue sapphire ring

    Infinitas blue sapphire ring in rose gold

    Lily Gabriella

    £ 5,200

  • Lily Gabriella Ooh Lala earrings in yellow gold

    Love Me Ouh Lala earrings

    Lily Gabriella

    £ 650

  • Lily Gabriella Czarina double-finger diamond ring

    Czarina double-finger diamond ring in white gold

    Lily Gabriella

    £ 9,000

  • Lily Gabriella Spiral ruby ring

    Spira ruby ring in rose gold

    Lily Gabriella

    £ 5,200

  • Lily Gabriella Dermal diamond pink tourmaline pendant

    Damali diamond and pink tourmaline pendant in white gold

    Lily Gabriella

    £ 32,000

  • Lily Gabriella Ouh Lala earrings in white gold

    Lily Gabriella’s Love Me jewels play with words to create jewels with a message. Here, Ouh Lala is spelt out in white gold (£650).